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Introducing Our Heavy Duty Trolleys

Reflex Equip has trolleys that provide your workers with a convenient way of transporting goods and items in the workplace. Due to their numerous safety features, they help save workers' backs and reduce many of the risks that are present in strenuous everyday manual handling tasks. By using our trolleys, your employees can safely and efficiently move objects in your work environment.

Our Range of Industrial Trolleys

Trolleys are a standard in many industrial environments, including warehouses, retail shops, offices, schools, universities, hospitals, laboratories and many others. As we have trolleys that are available in varying dimensions, load capacities and uses, it is important that you choose one that matches the environment you work in and your intended application.

Moreover, Reflex Equip has stainless steel and galvanised trolleys which can withstand wet and harsh floor surfaces because of their superior corrosion resistance. As a result, trolleys like our Traymobile 3-Deck Stainless Steel Trolley - 900mm x 500mm and our Galvanised Single Deck 6 Wheel Stock Trolley - 990mm x 460mm are perfect for use in many food and hospitality environments, such as greengrocers, supermarkets, refrigerators and cool rooms. Additionally, we also have folding trolleys like our Vinyl Top Folding Handle Platform Trolley - 890mm x 600mm that can be folded for handy storage.

Multi-Deck Trolleys

At Reflex Equip, we have multi-deck trolleys available in two, three, four and five-tier forms, all of which are ideal for use in offices, factories, warehouses and schools. Trolleys like our 2 Deck Vinyl Top Mesh Surround Trolley - 98.5cm x 61cm - Chrome are equipped with non-slip vinyl deck mats, an all-round buffer and have mesh surrounded on both decks to ensure the security of your goods. We also have our 3 Tier Shelf Black Utility Trolley - 97.8cm x 43.5cm x 98.7cm, which has a sturdy structural foam construction that won't rust, dent, chip or peel. It also has integrated moulded grooves for inserting steel, user-friendly handles and moulded-in storage compartments and cup holder which are available for storage of small items and tools.

Platform Trolleys

Platform trolleys feature a large platform that enables movement of heavy items in the workplace, particularly in warehouses. For example, our Stock Trolley Junior 1 Handle Platform Trolley with Tube Deck - 90cm x 45cm has a powder-coated finish and an ergonomic single push handle with steel tube construction for hard, everyday use. We also have trolleys like our 2 Handle 4 Wheel Platform Trolley with Tube Deck - 120cm x 60cm, which are available in either one or two handle options, providing an added layer of convenience in the workplace.

Cleaning and Laundry Trolleys

Suitable for cleaning and laundry industries, these trolleys have several applications. For example, our 3 Shelf Chrome Wire Linen Trolley - 91cm x 46cm is ideal for collecting folded linen in accommodation and healthcare environments. It is easy to clean, has a chrome wire finish and is fitted with four 125mm castor wheels. Furthermore, our Dark Blue Polyethylene Linen Tallboy Trolley has a low profile design for improved vision, as well as a fully open top for maximum linen access. Built for delivery of clean linen and collection of soiled linen, this linen trolley is perfect for use in hospitals, retirement villages, aged care centres, resorts, motels and various other facilities.

Ladder Trolleys

Ladder trolleys like our 2 Deck - 3 Step Fold Away Ladder Type Trolley - 81cm x 51cm have a unique fold-away ladder that enables access to higher shelves. This particular trolley has a powder-coated finish on its ladder, as well as four 125mm polyurethane castor wheels (two fixed castors and two swivel castors). Additionally, the height to the top deck of this trolley is 70.5cm while the height to the top step is 55.5cm.

Hotel Luggage Trolleys

Hotel luggage trolleys are especially equipped to handle transportation of luggage and other things in hotel environments. For example, our Garment Rail Trolley is suited to distribution of dry cleaning to guest rooms or storage of staff uniforms. It is made with a 'Z' base frame that is perfect for nesting more than one trolley for storage purposes, and this trolley can support loads of up to 150kg. Moreover, our Brushed Stainless Steel Birdcage Luggage Trolley - 115cm x 68cm x 193cm has a brushed stainless steel finish to ensure they are polished to perfection, and markings such as handprints do not show. Manufactured with thick-walled 304 stainless steel tubing, this trolley will not be dented when it is stacked with luggage. It also has rubber impact buffers for effective cushioning, and it is fitted with 200mm grey non-marking castor wheels with roller bearings to make pushing easier.

Additional Trolleys and Trolley Accessories

Our range of industrial trolleys does not end here. We also have order picking trolleys, stock trolleys, powered trolleys, shopping trolleys, roll cage trolleys, hand trucks and hand trolleys, big bin trolleys, dollies and skates available for you to select for use in your workplace.

Furthermore, we have various clipboard attachments and accessories that you can use with our trolleys, making for even easier goods handling. Apart from clipboard attachments, we also have plastic containers and bins, shopping trolley baskets, spare laundry waste bags, trolley bin attachments and more.

About Reflex Equip

Our industrial trolleys are ideal for all types of transportation applications. With our wide range of trolleys that prioritise safety and efficiency, Reflex Equip is your trusted supplier of industrial trolleys Australia.